New Interactive Multi Touch Screen Technology in the Market.

Truth is that the technology today doesn’t have word – “impossible” in its dictionary. And multi touch screen technology is one of discovery that shows that nothing is impossible in this world of technology. Did you ever imagine that you can work on touch screen system? Moreover did you ever imagine that you can increase or decrease the size of screen as per your need? This is all possible now, you can even modify the size of your touch screen to whatever you want to, no matter of it is 30” or 160”. This new technology of multi touch screen allows you to make your own screen on any non-metallic surface like glass or acrylic.


This new technology in film is called as the Interactive Thru glass Touch Screen Film Technology and one more plus point is that it can be integrated with wide range of LCDs, Projectors, Tabletops available in market. It can be easily said that this kind of flexible technology should not be limited to your imagination, the range is too vast.


The USB glass thru touch screen pane uses to be supplied to all the dealers or partners which makes it ensure that every part of world is getting interactive display solution. No matter if you are in Business or Entertainment or Retail, or Exhibition, this new technology of multi touch screen can be used anywhere for multipurpose uses.  These technology also allows you to use thru glass touch application on themselves.

This is believed that the market of this multi touch screen technology is growing day by day and many corporate and individuals are adopting this technology for their huge interests. Many corporate are using this multi touch screen technology for presentation purpose as this touch screen and re-sizable screen use to get fit at any non-metal surface and use to give a very good impression on customer’s mind. Another positive point about these screen is that no other component is needed to install this screen which makes the usage of this technology completely safe. This is to keep in mind that this lightweight Interactive glass thru touch screen film can be applied to any non-metal surface or window or LCD TV, you can do it in both manner i.e. removable or permanent.

Key-features of New Interactive Multi-Touch Screen Film

  1.      Lightweight and very simple installation process.
  2.      No external component required for installation.
  3.     No effect from external light sources.
  4.      Size is no problem.
  5.      Compatible with all multimedia applications.