Please get it correct that only solution to low signal problem is a cell phone signal booster.


We have been working day and nights doing a research all over the world on subject that how people all over the world are trying to get rid of low signal problem. We did many surveys and other knowledge gaining work in many parts of world and we found that there is no other perfect solution to low signal problem other than a cell phone signal booster. Many people even have tried to install their own home made signal towers at their places but it fails as badly as it sounds. It was also found that numerous people have moved to other place for living just to solve the problem of low signal. Fact is that most of people who really wanted to solve this problem has installed cell phone boosters at last and got rid of the problem.

Problem with service providers (especially in our country) is that they cannot install more cell phone signal towers due many reasons. Talking about increasing strength of currently available towers is also tough for them because rules do not allow them to cross a limit. Good thing is that FCC has approved many cell phone signal repeaters to be used to consumers, they even laid some rules and regulations for manufacturing boosters. Only booster which is made keeping these rules in focus can be sold in market.