Femtocells- Growing technology and developments

In the fields of wireless networks and telecommunications, we have encountered a tremendous growth in the last few years. The number of mobile phone users has reached nearly four billion and it is continuing to rise. But with this mobile phones continues to face other issues like poor call quality and signal strength. At the same time, Voice over IP (VoIP) applications has faced a huge development. By this technology users can make free calls through the internet, thereby acting as a potential threat to mobile operators. The development of femtocells came as a solution.
They are mini base stations that are installed in user’s homes so that the user can directly connect to the network through femtocell instead of the outdoor macro cell, and thereby improving call quality. They offer excellent signal coverage indoors and are similar in size to a router, and reduce the load on the external macrocell.

The femtocell will detect the mobile handset and vice versa when the user enters their home and immediately a connection will be established. All calls are connected via the femtocell. This is being tested by operators around the world and is thought to be the technology that will revolutionize communication industry around the world.

The femtocell enables encryption for all data’s sent or received and voice calls by the mobile phone. This is impossible for an external user to break into a user’s home network. The femtocell in a standard 3G mobile appears as another cell site or macro cell and helps to communicate with it as it would with a macro cell when the mobile phone is used outdoors. They operate at very low radio power levels, but battery life is high. When the distance between the femtocell and the mobile handset is short, call quality is excellent.

The efficient femtocell is tested extensively by mobile operators around the world. However, there face some issues needed to be worked on to be implemented as fault-free devices. In future, they may be able to work efficiently using EDGE standards. This may need some time to achieve.



Wilson Electronics DB Pro Wireless Signal Booster

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Directional Yagi Antenna For Outdoor
When I had received the package it was very daunting, but the instructions were very simple and everything is available for simple installation and the tools to be used are very less. I had the directional Yagi antenna to be used for outdoor use. We could figure out the place for your cell phone signal booster for home reviews antenna you just need your location of the nearest cell phone tower for determining and could easily set your phone up for determining your signal strength. It could just take awhile to focus on the antenna, but I have found the directions which are given for my purpose. For those who would also want to amplify their signals might be in need of an Omni directional antenna.