Femtocells- Growing technology and developments

In the fields of wireless networks and telecommunications, we have encountered a tremendous growth in the last few years. The number of mobile phone users has reached nearly four billion and it is continuing to rise. But with this mobile phones continues to face other issues like poor call quality and signal strength. At the same time, Voice over IP (VoIP) applications has faced a huge development. By this technology users can make free calls through the internet, thereby acting as a potential threat to mobile operators. The development of femtocells came as a solution.
They are mini base stations that are installed in user’s homes so that the user can directly connect to the network through femtocell instead of the outdoor macro cell, and thereby improving call quality. They offer excellent signal coverage indoors and are similar in size to a router, and reduce the load on the external macrocell.

The femtocell will detect the mobile handset and vice versa when the user enters their home and immediately a connection will be established. All calls are connected via the femtocell. This is being tested by operators around the world and is thought to be the technology that will revolutionize communication industry around the world.

The femtocell enables encryption for all data’s sent or received and voice calls by the mobile phone. This is impossible for an external user to break into a user’s home network. The femtocell in a standard 3G mobile appears as another cell site or macro cell and helps to communicate with it as it would with a macro cell when the mobile phone is used outdoors. They operate at very low radio power levels, but battery life is high. When the distance between the femtocell and the mobile handset is short, call quality is excellent.

The efficient femtocell is tested extensively by mobile operators around the world. However, there face some issues needed to be worked on to be implemented as fault-free devices. In future, they may be able to work efficiently using EDGE standards. This may need some time to achieve.



Straightforward Methods of Cell Phone Signal Booster Review – The Inside Track

Cell phone is become the new point of attraction of every person. Now every person wants cell phones and smart phones in their pocket. Cell phone are now become the status symbol, people are buying cell phones to show off their personality, to look attractive. Cell phone and smart phones are now become more and more advance that’s why every person wants it to buy. Cell phone companies are earning more and more profit because of this. But the only and the major problem with the cell phone is drop down signals. In America, most of the cell phone user faces the problem of bad signals on daily basis.

But now we have the perfect solution to fight with this issue. After the long research and developments, FCC introduced Verizon cell phone signal booster device on February. Cell phone signal booster is the device which works with very advance and latest technology and provides us best possible signals on our cell phones.

At&t cell phone signal booster mainly includes antennas, amplifier and cables. This setup works great when it comes to bad signals.

Signal booster takes the low signals from the network tower and then pass them through the cables to the amplifier and then amplifier amplify the frequency of the signals and then internal antenna broadcast high frequency signals into the area covered by the cell phone signal booster. This device is now available for all the cell phone carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint etc.

Cell phone booster store is the online store where is the lots of models of cell phone signal booster by the popular brands in best prices. In cell phone booster store, accessories for cell phone signal amplifier for home are also available like antenna, dome, amplifier, cables etc. The signal amplifier in these stores is capable to cover up the area up to 80000 square feet. Cell phone booster for home, offices and for vehicles is available in this store. Cell phone booster store provide the complete range of booster devices and its accessories online.

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