Wilson offers cell phone signal boosters for homes, offices and for vehicles

Wilson cell phone antenna repeaters for office have proved their value in the field of sport crafting, boating and even marine vessels. in 2011, When Hurricane Irene were battering with the Caribbean and U.S. East Coast, one vessel was equipped from the Wilson cell phone antenna repeater for office and sought out a refuge off Compass Cay in the Bahamas. The crew members were the only members in the marine, area where they were not able to maintain contact through cellular devices which was just 12 miles east of their position due to the eye of the hurricane passed. They had picked up the cellular signals from another island, which was too weak to contact anyone. Using the Wilson signal booster, the crew members were able to send and receive text messages. Also crew members were able to get updates of the weather through text from Florida, which they relied, and also through two-way radio, to other ships in the area they were able to contact.

Wilson Electronics introduces wireless communications

Wilson Electronics, Inc. has made an evolution in the industry of wireless communications for around more than 40 years, which produces a wide range of components for significantly improving home cell phone signal booster communications (10db improvement or about 10 miles on average) in cell phones, indoor, oceans and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. All Wilson cell phone signal amplifier for vehicles or homes or offices are engineered, assembled and tested at the company’s headquarters based in US. Wilson cell phone signal booster for home are fully complied according to the FCC regulations for cell phone devices and are accepted by FCC and are certified by Canada Industry. All Wilson Electronics boosters employ different techniques to prevent the possibility of interference with any nearby cell phone tower.

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