Best Cell Phone Booster – Wilson Dual Band (DB) Pro

Designed for use in homes and offices, the booster kit significantly improves the performance and signal strength of any cellular device on any network experiencing weak signals inside buildings. The DB Pro supports multiple phones and data devices to be used simultaneously. Wilson Dual Band (DB) Pro is one of Wilson’s highest gain (62dB) Dual-Band (800 & 1900 MHz) Cell Phone Signal Boosters. You’ll experience fewer dropped calls, faster data rates, and clearer reception.
Product Description
The Wilson DB Pro kit is specifically designed to create a stronger cell signal in one or more rooms in a house or small office. The Wilson 841262/841263 Signal Boost DB Pro home cell signal booster kit improves the performance of 2G/3G GSM, CDMA, TDMA cellular devices using 800/1900MHz frequencies. Broadcast distance for this kit and any other cellular signal amplifier is dependent upon cell signal strength outside the building where the outside antenna is mounted, the size (gain of the cell phone signal amplifier) and the frequency your carrier uses. This is a complete low cost kit that includes the Wilson 801262 dual-band 65dB (upgraded June 2011) cellular amplifier, outside antenna, inside antenna. This is an excellent choice if you are on a tight budget. 800MHz broadcasts much further than 1900MHz. Contact Powerful Signal if you have any questions regarding the coverage distance of this system.
Details of product-
• Easy to install
• Designed for home or office
• Covers 800/1900 MHz Frequency
• Install Assistance Available through Technical Support
• Complete kit
• Power Control Logic Ensures Maximum Output Power Is Within Cellular Standards
• Wireless Operation
• Works In Any Inside Location Works On All Generations Of Cdma, Tdma & Gsm
• Works Wirelessly With Multiple Cell Phones & Data Cards Simultaneously
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Best Device called Cell Phone Signal Booster

In today’s world we can’t imagine our life without cell phone. Cell phone signal booster amplifies the cell phone antenna repeater for quality signals. Now with the help of cell phone signal amplifier weak signals have been converted into strong signals in your cell phones. It is in both types wireless and non wireless. Before the invention of this cell phone booster, it was so irritating when you are on urgent call and suddenly your phone gets disconnected due to poor network. Now-a-days one time investment on cell phone signal booster has become very easy and with affordable cost of $200 to $500. It is also helpful in remote as well as rural areas where there is a problem of poor network coverage. Cell phone signal amplifier can be used at homes, offices, cars, trucks etc using cell phone antenna repeater. While traveling in cars one can connect antenna for quality signals. It gives stronger signals.

How cell phone booster is Helpful?

It is a onetime investment of all our problems of poor signals, missed call alerts, messages etc. For example:- if someone is standing in basement of any building but due to no network coverage he can’t be able to make any urgent calls then it can also effects his business, in this situation if cell phone booster is installed then he can make any calls from anywhere. Both these wireless as well as non wireless cell phone boosters are guaranteed to provide high quality of signals. They are more beneficial for the people who live in remote areas, basements, people traveling in less network coverage areas, rural areas. It is also heard that this booster gives up to 800% high quality signals as well as voice quality. It become clear that cell phone booster is very important in today’s world and it is very simple process.

What is solution for network problem at dead signal zone areas? Cell Phone Booster !!!

Cell phone signal booster is not a new thing for everyone now, yes there are some people unaware of this awesome technology but they will know about it very soon. Few years back when cell phone boosters were first introduced in market then no one thought that this will see such success. Demand roar like tiger in past few years and reason behind this roar were many.
Obviously, the main reason is low network coverage in many areas which have been increasing day by day due to increment in cell phone usage at very high pace. You should know that companies providing cell phone signal services use to put tower once in a particular area and they have there limits to put towers in any area. The non-increment in number of towers and huge increment in number of cell phone users is causes network problems at very high pace.
Where we get network problem most?
Place with gathering of lot of people use to show lot of network problem, places at high hills use to have network problem in very general. Places which use to be underground like tunnels or basements are best places to find no signal area. Places which are far from tower also faces network problem. One thing which is very common at these places is that these places do get network but in very low amount. If you are at any of these places then you will find that your cell phone will be receiving one or two signal strength but that will not help you to make calls properly. Don’t worry we have solution.
How this problem effects?
Suppose you are at any of such places and you are not getting proper signal strength and you have to make urgent call? What will you do? I think this explains the effect of problem of low signal problem easily. Low signal or signal congestion will not allow to make you that single urgent call, if by anyway call gets connected there will be 99% chances of call getting disconnected anytime due to low signal. Another scene can be observed in Offices, think you are in between of very urgent official call and your call gets disconnected due to low signal, you try again and again and it is not getting connected. At last you will find Land-line or else business will get effected.
Top Solution for this huge problem.
Truth is that there is only one solution to this huge problem and that is cell phone booster. If anyone says that he/she have other option to solve this problem then he/she is totally lying because researches have shown that no other method have solved this problem as cell phone signal amplifiers do. Cell phone antenna repeaters is a device that boost a low signal to high signal strength. Many people use to ask that how it works then i am going to explain it in very brief.
Cell phone signal tower – Week Signal – Cell Phone (This is normal case )
Cell phone signal tower – Week Signal – Cell phone signal booster – Boosted Signal – Cell Phone – Full Reception (This is case when cell phone booster is installed)
I hope this have cleared the doubts about cell phone booster and more thing, cell phone booster do not have any side-effects.